“Water affects everything it touches, and water touches everything”

GW Pumps & Purification knows it is very important to treat, condition, filter, soften, and/or purify the water used in numerous medical, dental, and pharmaceutical applications. We offer a wide range of products and services to fulfill the specific needs of your water quality and capacity needs.

The founder(s) of GW have years of experience with the design, validation, installation, and maintenance of high purity water systems, including systems used specifically in the medical profession such as a dialysis clinic.   We understand the system, the intricate ways each component works together, and how to provide the proper solution to fulfill your needs.

One of our founders, Daniel O’Brien, has worked in the dialysis medical discipline for 5+ years.  During his tenure in this industry, Daniel implemented numerous improvements to the hemodialysis water treatment system manufactured by his employer.   He also re-wrote this company’s “Operation and Maintenance Manual for Hemodialysis Water Treatment System” and created a universal schematic for component installation which his previous employer still uses today.   We are glad to have his talents now within the GW Pumps & Purification team.

Depending on your application, GW Pumps & Purification has entered into strategic partnerships with specific manufacturers and vendors to provide our Medical Customers with:

  • Dialysis Systems – FDA-approved 510k water treatment systems that produce AAMI grade water. These systems are manufactured and installed under a strict quality control system that ensures the systems meet or exceed the requirement of AAMI and produce water safe for hemodialysis.   Various alarms and other safety features are included with each system.   In addition to the water system, GW provides our customers with dialysate acid distribution systems, dialysate acid mixing systems, bicarb mixing systems, and bicarb central delivery systems.
  • Pharmaceutical –Ultra-high purity water systems producing USP grade water using a wide range of technologies including chlorination, filtration, softening, carbon absorption, nano-filtration, micro-filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization, electro-deionization, ozonation, and ultra-violet irradiation.
  • Dental – Specific filtration and osmosis systems are available for dental offices with a variety of distribution systems that are designed to keep a sanitary and disinfected system in operation continuously.
  • Hospitals – Many hospitals use water treatment to assist with the operation of their hospital.  GW often provides hospitals with water systems for their laundry, boilers, or even their incoming domestic water.  We also provide high purity or ultra-pure water for a wide variety of specific medical requirements.

Regardless of the need, GW has a system to meet it! Contact us today for a free quote.