Giving Back


When we founded GW Pumps & Purification, we decided it was very important to incorporate a charitable side to our business.   In fact, we even contemplated making it the key focus of our business’s mission.   We believe we are fortunate to be in the water business in Florida and are blessed by financial and other provisions.  Rather than using this solely for selfish desire, ambitions, etc., we agreed that we would use a portion of the company’s profits to fund water projects for those who are less fortunate.   And with our expertise with water pumps and water treatment, it became a natural choice to leverage our expertise along with our charitable calling.

2008, 2009

During these first couple of years, we put money aside for future water projects.  In some cases, we gained monies which we did not anticipate.   In these cases, we decided we would add these “bonuses” to the saving account for water missions. 

April 2010

Daniel O’Brien of GW Pumps & Purification and his son Andrew completed a mission trip to Ecuador.  The team was able to paint the entire exterior and interior of a mid-sized impoverished school, including murals on the exterior walls, and basic flat color on the interior classrooms.  They also worked closely with elementary aged students at three public schools in the area.   Everyone’s work was greatly appreciated.   GW donated a high capacity drinking water system which included reverse osmosis and ultraviolet water purification to the camp that housed the team.   This trip was funded the by profits of GW Pumps & Purification, a couple of donations from customers, and contributions from the owners.   Thanks to everyone who participated.

Despite the economy in Brevard county slowing, our prayer is that GW will be able to raise the needed money to complete future international trips and provide water to men, women and children in areas that otherwise may not have a safe and reliable source of drinking water in their immediate community. In Florida and throughout the United States, we have been greatly blessed by having an abundant supply of water, and the resources for pumping, treating, and purifying it before we send it throughout our homes. However, many people throughout the world do not have indoor plumbing and many have to walk several miles to get their drinking water. Furthermore, we pray that the Kingdom of God and the Salvation of Jesus be shared as we are faithful in giving of ourselves. In Jesus name we pray.

October 2010

A customer called frantic about not having water for their home. The man was not only concerned about not having water, he was concerned about his mounting medical bills from his cancer diagnosis. We agreed to provide a free service call to determine what was wrong with his water system. Fortunately, it was something simple and we were able to handle the repair without charging any labor for our work.  

January 30, 2011

During a local volunteer opportunity working on a home in North Brevard County, we encountered an opportunity to provide a low income family with an irrigation pump for their home.