We are an Earthwise Company

At GW Pumps and Purification, we believe in being Earthwise for numerous reasons, and our beliefs are reflected in our actions.

1) First, we believe that God created this world and has appointed humanity to care for and maintain the Earth: for us, for our children, and for the generations to follow.

2) Second, we believe we must be prudent in the use and expenditure of our resources in order to minimize our impact on the environment. We all live in a delicate and fragile circle of life; what may seem to be a small drop of recklessness may in fact cause ripple effects, becoming a cataclysmic event for other plants, animals, or other organisms sharing our planet.

3) Third, we know and understand that our water is a precious and delicate resource.   Although our Earth’s surface is 70% water, only 1% is available as fresh water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, washing, and other household uses. That 1% is not only for human consumption, but must be shared with all of God’s creation. Improperly disposed-of waste, leaking tanks, over-fertilization, improperly constructed wells, illegal dumping, spills, and many other points and non-point sources lead to our water sources becoming more and more polluted. We must be proactive and not allow this to continue – future generations will pay the price if we don’t protect our water supplies.

4) Fourth, as blessed Americans, we must recognize that we have been given much, and it’s our responsibility to help those who have little.   Our company believes in giving back.    We regularly organize and/or participate in water projects to third-world countries and local community events which directly benefit others.

5) Lastly, although our beliefs are important, they are worthless unless we support them with our actions. GW Pumps & Purification practices stewardship of the Earth in many portions of our business. We seek to incorporate other Earthwise principles, such as recycling products and reducing waste. We are fully committed to taking care of this planet, and to encouraging and educating others in this important goal.

At the bottom of each of our web pages, we state, “We are an Earthwise Company.” We do this as an identifier of our commitment to our planet. We encourage you to adopt this “Earthwise” philosophy in your personal life, at your job, and everywhere you may venture.