10. Do your research. Make sure the company you are dealing with is a legitimate company. An easy way to verify this is to check the local phone book to see if they advertise. Also, check online to see their website and if they have any information on Google or Yahoo Local.

9. Have your water tested. At a minimum, your water test should tell you the Hardness, Iron level, pH, Nitrates, and the (TDS) Total Dissolved Solids of the water.

8. Understand the water test. Don’t be fooled by “water tricks”. Demand that the water tests give you scientific results.

7. Know what maintenance will be required. Most water systems require some maintenance in order to keep the system functioning as designed. Prior to buying a system, understand the maintenance needs of your system.

6. Buy professional quality equipment. There is a HUGE difference between hardware store brands and the equipment sold through professionals. Your water is very important – Go with Quality!

5. Find out the warranty and/or guarantee. Well-built products should be backed for 5-10 years. Question the “lifetime” warranties and guarantees. No matter how well something is constructed, sooner or later it will fail. Will the company backing the lifetime warranty be around when it does?

4. Check out the company – Make sure the company you are dealing with is either a certified water specialist/installer and/or a member of the Water Quality Association or otherwise involved in the industry.

3. Don’t be pressured– If a salesman or saleswoman is using pressure to “close the deal”… Don’t buy it. Using pressure to sell anything is a bad tactic and unfortunately, many within the water industry use pressure.

2. Don’t buy on fear. Your water may or may not contain contaminants or chemicals that could be hazardous to your health. However, ethical companies should not have to scare you into buying their products. Beyond health concerns, there are many reasons to have water treatment equipment in your home.

1. Buy from a company that services and maintains its products. Full-service water treatment professionals are worth it. If you buy something from a fly-by-night outfit, or a company that does not specialize in water treatment, what will happen when you need maintenance or a repair? I have heard horror stories of customers spending over a thousand dollars to remedy a problem that could have been fixed for under $100.